Interview: What’s Up Yukon

It’s been a few weeks since I was interviewed for What’s Up Yukon. I kind of thought it just wasn’t going to happen. I’ve worked in media. I know interviews get done that don’t lead to stories or get cut for time or editorial decisions.

So with a new dog and work on my plate, I stopped checking for my article. But it was discovered – by a new colleague. When people put two and two together regarding me and my online blogging persona, I’m equal parts impressed and embarrassed.

I like that my time and effort is being recognized. A lot has gone in to this blog for which I’ve received no financial gain.

But at the same time, I’m actually shy about what I’m doing (that weirdo going alone from restaurant to restaurant) and why I’m doing it (because I like food and don’t have a lot of friends or things to do).

Article: Want to try a new restaurant?

Anyways, much credit must be given to Glenda who turned a rambling phone interview into something of substance.

And a shout out to What’s Up Yukon doing  a great job of informing people of events and helping to build a food culture here in the North. If you aren’t already subscribed to their food newsletter Yums to Crumbs, get on it!