What is Swiss Bakery?

I had heard references to Swiss Bakery during my year in Whitehorse, but had no idea what it was.

I slowly figured out what it was not.

It was not the Swiss restaurant south of town – that’s Wolf’s Den.

It was not the bakery in Carcross – that’s the Chilkoot Sourdough Bakery.

It is not in Whitehorse, but people get the goods in Whitehorse.

There’s no web or Facebook presence. But I keep hearing it exists.

So I start a new contract job and lo and behold, Swiss Bakery delivers baked goods to the office once a week.

It’s a mix of sweet and savoury items all about $6 and under.

Everything I’ve tried has been pretty tasty. People around the office definitely look forward to it.

Maybe she comes to your office too? I meant to ask her more about where to get her goods, but had forgotten my wallet at home so never even got my fix.

So she remains a bit of a mystery. Good luck in your search for her! image12-4

There’s a phone number on that sheet so it shouldn’t be hard to obtain more information. I’m just going to stick with grabbing things when it comes to the office.