Great Find: Haines Packing Co.

So I wrote about this place when it was opening soon but somehow forgot to actually write a post about it when it opened.

My bad! (Because I was definitely there in the first week!)

Anyways, we’ve checked it out on numerous occasions. It’s the only place in town where I can get my beloved spot prawns.

Are you going to be paying more than if you went to Superstore? Sure.

But there’s something nice about the getting the food from the sea to your plate in so few steps.

And it’s also cool to support an old local business. From their website:

Haines Packing Company

Have you been to Haines?  This is where everything comes from!  Haines Packing Company is a fish processing plant built in the 1920s.  It’s the oldest continuously operating business in Haines and processes salmon, crab, halibut, and shrimp seasonally from March-November.

It’s open seven (!!!) days a week from 10am-6pm. So you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

And if you sign up for their newsletter, there are often deals in there!

Haines Packing Co: 4194B 4th Ave, Whitehorse

Website / Facebook