Take Out Visit: Green Garden Restaurant

I’m constantly amazed by the number of Asian restaurants here in Whitehorse. I swear, as soon as I think I’ve covered them all, I find out about another one. (I believe I have two more to try at this point.)

Green Garden is up in Porter Creek in a little strip mall with a tattoo parlour and used children’s goods store. Strange, I know.

Also strange – ordering Chinese food to go at 2:30pm.

But that’s what I did. I’d been in town and knew I wanted to try it, so I figured I’d grab it and go, regardless of the time. I wasn’t going to come back to the opposite side of town later.

The most memorable thing about the experience was the service. I had a nice chat with the young man serving me, even if I was the only person around.

As for the food, I did my standard: seafood dish, veggie dish, noodle dish.

Green Garden Full Menu

I would wait at home to try the latter two dishes, but I had gotten deep fried spicy squid, and I knew that getting home might result in a sub-standard fried dish.

So there I was, driving down the Alaska Highway eating squid.

It wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t bad – it was just more like calamari. Even came with a lemon. (In comparison, North Dragon served the dish I was expecting. It’s a breaded larger piece of squid and it’s kind of spicy.)

The pan-fried veggies in Shanghai style came with large pieces of (I think) bean curd. It was a big serving but I really just wanted vegetables and that’s on me for not asking what “Shanghai Style” meant.

And then the noodles were just the house special. Had a mix of mushrooms and meat in there. As pictured.

Overall it was a pleasant experience. I don’t know if I’ll be back soon – it’s out of my way and I have to go by all the other Chinese restaurants to get there. That said, as I was waiting for my order, I noticed their “Traditional Chinese Dishes” menu. I wish I had seen it earlier, because I do like some Tan Tan noodles!

Likelihood of return visit: Above mentioned – low, but it’s one of the furthest restaurants from home

Recommended dish: House special chow mein

Tripadvisor: #63 of 68 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Green Garden Restaurant: 1612 Centennial St, Whitehorse, Yukon