Take out Lunch Visit: Tim Hortons (2 of 2)

I did it. I went to the second Tim Hortons. Only took me a year!

If you remember my last visit to the OTHER Tim Hortons, there were two things I remember about it: Good service but some singed bread.

Let’s start with the service.

This location of Tim Hortons does not have a drive-thru, so I parked out front, left the dog in the car and went inside. There was quite a line. And that line did not move quickly.

It was 1:30 on a Saturday, I don’t think that’s peak hour. (But we are in Canada, maybe every hour is peak hour!)

(It did give me extra time to consider getting a doughnut. Or a shortbread cookie filled with nutella. I didn’t get it.)

Okay, so service let me down at Timmy’s #2. How about that sandwich?

If you look at that top photo, you might notice an issue.

Burnt edges! Again!

Instead of my standard BLT, I got a spicy chicken sandwich. It was tasty enough, but man – am I particular about toasting?

Likelihood of return visit: I’d probably opt for the other Tim Hortons with the double drive thru.

Recommended dish: Honey Crueller

Tripadvisor: Not listed inĀ  Restaurants in Whitehorse

Tim Hortons: 2101 2nd Ave at Elliott, Whitehorse