Brunch visit: Tonimoes

It’s taken a year but I feel like I now have a few friends in Whitehorse. And so I put out the call to see if anyone wanted to dine with me at the dozen (or so) restaurants still on  my list.

To my delight, a friend was interested and suggested Tonimoes for brunch. We made it a table for three and met at 11:00am.

Now here is probably my biggest complaint about the experience. It was a Sunday and they only serve breakfast until 11. Yes, they have a couple all-day breakfast items on the lunch menu, but I was really jonesing for a benny. I should’ve done my research. That’s my bad, Tonimoes.

Full menu here

I guess the biggest complaint among my fellow diners was that they got an order wrong. I often judge restaurants by how this is dealt with. They acknowledged the issue, left the side plate (which was correct), and definitely put a rush on the replacement meal. This is how you should do it. If you really want to win me over, put a discount on my meal and you’re gold. (However, I don’t think an honest mistake that was quickly remedied requires a discount, I’m just saying it doesn’t hurt.)

Between the three of us we got a veggie quesadilla with fries, a Philly cheesesteak with fries and a reuben with a Greek salad.

I think mine might have been the best? I think the rush on the quesadilla meant the cheese wasn’t as melty as possible. My friend mentioned the cheesesteak lacked a sauce or mustard-style ingredient. The reuben was greasy but tasty and the Greek salad was giant.

Note: I do generally get disappointed with Greek salads in restaurants because I would never put lettuce in one. And without fail, most restaurants make it a mostly greens-based salad with some of the peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes and cheese on top. I love those things. I just don’t love the lettuce.

The service was prompt and, as mentioned, addressed our concerns.

Likelihood of return visit: I wasn’t floored by our experience but would be interested in trying out some of their dinner menu options.

Recommended dish: Reuben sandwich

Tripadvisor: Listed as closed in the Restaurants in Whitehorse

Tonimoes: 101 Main Street, Whitehorse

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