Lunch visit: Bridges Cafe

Now that I’m working full-time, it’s making life better for my income, but worse for time to check out restaurants.

I happened to be out of the office one day, so while I didn’t have time for a sit down lunch, I did have the time to check out a take-away style restaurant.

That’s how I ended up at Bridges Cafe.

Technically, I’ve visited their booth at the Fireweed Market before. My husband got a milkshake and a empanada. There is no photographic evidence but I swear it happened. In fact, in asking him about it, he said, “oh yeah, it was good!”.

This time around I opted for old faithful, the BLT. Plus a side of pasta salad.

I would say BLT > Pasta Salad.

There was nothing obviously wrong with the pasta salad, I just wanted more zip. I like putting capers and plenty of raw red onions in the one I make. But I can understand that might not satisfy the masses.

The BLT was exactly how I like it. Just look at that photo. Look at that toasting of the bread! Perfection!

(Tim Hortons: This is how you toast something.)

It has fresh, crunchy iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and crisp bacon – plus more mayo than I’d like to think about.

But look at that toast!

Likelihood of return visit: My husband is a sucker for milkshakes and mango – look at that menu posted at the bottom of this post.. (so fairly high)

Recommended dish: BLT

Tripadvisor: Not listed in the Restaurants in Whitehorse

Bridges Cafe: 1148 1 ave (entrance around the corner on Strickland), Whitehorse


Note: There was information online that talked about how Bridges is a work experience opportunity for Challenge-Disability Resource Group. The links online are either broken or about three years old. If this is still the case, that’s great! I just didn’t want to highlight this aspect if this is out of date information.