Lunch Visit: The third Subway!

I did it folks. I hit up the third Subway in the Canada Games Centre.

Do you really want to hear about this? I can’t actually remember what kind of sandwich I picked. What’s funny is that I ate there YESTERDAY (or at least the yesterday to when I wrote this post).

It was some sort of cold cuts or something.

Anything with southwest sauce is delicious. That’s all I know.

So what’s my favourite Subway? The one by the liquor store has always been good to me.

This one was also good. I’m just not at the CGC all that much.

Likelihood of return visit: Subway has always been my safety sandwich. If I’m at the CGC, I’m bound to end up with one.

Recommended dish: Something with southwest sauce

Tripadvisor: Not listed in the Restaurants in Whitehorse

Subway: 200 Hamilton Blvd (In the Canada Games Centre), Whitehorse