Food truck visit: Alligator’s Grilled Cheese

Now that I’m part of the working world, I can’t get out for all those lunches I did in the first part of the blog. It makes it also harder to hit up the remaining food trucks.

Thankfully, there have been a couple food truck gatherings in the last few weeks. The city organized one and there was also Yappy Hour: Food Truck Fest for People and Dogs.

Lubo and I went and checked it out. He was mostly interested in sniffing other dogs, while I went for a grilled cheese.

Alligator’s has a changing selection of grilled cheese sandwiches.

I opted for the Ukrainian.

As expected, it was a tasty option. Lubo agreed (he got the leftover corner crust).


Likelihood of return visit: If I can catch it open outside of my work hours!

Recommended dish: Grilled Cheese sandwich (I mean, what else?)

Tripadvisor: Not listed in the Restaurants in Whitehorse

Alligator’s Grilled Cheese: Often on Front Street, Whitehorse

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