Breakfast Visit: Airport Chalet

I drive past the Airport Chalet every day to and from work. It always seems busy (though I don’t know how many cars belong to motel guests and how many are dining in the restaurant).

Saturday morning around nine, I grabbed the last table at the Airport Chalet restaurant. It’s a smaller space than I expected – the bar/lounge is far larger, but closed in the morning.

I got the feeling a lot of regulars go there for breakfast. Several said no to menus, knowing exactly what they wanted. I took a few minutes to peruse it. I was in no rush.

I think my favourite part of the menu is the truckers’ specials. No I did not order one of them!


However, I did opt for something on that page, the breakfast sandwich.

You know I love a BLT. Other things I love? Eggs and Cheese.

(It was a bit of a no brainer.)

It was huge.

I had some minor issues (the cheese hadn’t really melted, the diagonal cut was a bit awkward on the tall shape of the bread, could have been more toasted) but overall it was a tasty sandwich.

They offer you up shredded or chunky hashbrowns. Now, let me tell you my thoughts on hashbrowns.

If shredded hashbrowns are cooked to crispy, they are my favourite. However, if they are not, they are soggy and disappointing. I don’t know how the Airport Chalet shredded hashbrowns would have turned out. I opted for the chunky ones because they are always a safe bet. If they are bad, they are still okay.

Likelihood of return visit: If you need a meal before you head to the airport, it’s a convenient option.

Recommended dish: Breakfast Sandwich

Tripadvisor: #23 of 68 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Airport Chalet: 91634 Alaska Hwy (across from the Airport)Whitehorse