Lunch visit: Amy’s Tea House

I thought the tea house was closed for good. It had been many months since it appeared to be open, so I just assumed it was an experiment gone wrong. But I was wrong.

It has re-opened (potentially under new management) and according to the server, some work had to be done in the kitchen before they could resume service. I also asked if they would just be open for the summer and she assured me they would be open into the winter as well.

I now see on their facebook page that in the short time since my visit, they’ve added dinner to the arsenal.

I was coming off a large breakfast when I decided to go to Amy’s Tea House for lunch. So despite the interesting selection of lunch-ish options, I opted for something light and not too filling (as I was still not ready for a meal, but needed to get my lunch on).

I got a lavender and lime tea, as well as a berry crepe.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

I didn’t like the tea.

I think it’s important to note that it was a matter of taste – I don’t think it was bad, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

(ha ha ha)

It was very floral. I’m not even a big fan of floral perfume (I go for fresh or even fruity ones). So tasting floral wasn’t ideal. That said, I actually finished most of the pot.

I was thirsty.

The price point was higher than expected but within reason. You’re not getting a cup of tea to go at Starbucks, you’re getting a nice pot of tea.

The better news was the crepe. While it wasn’t as high end as Cafe Balzam, it was respectfully tasty.

I think the best news is the space. It’s unlike anything else in Whitehorse – opulent and swank. It would be a good venue for an event, or a gathering with friends for tea.

Likelihood of return visit: As a tea drinker, I’d definitely like to give this place another shot, as well as some of the breakfast-lunch choices.

Recommended dish: Crepe

Tripadvisor: #75 of 81 Places to Eat in Whitehorse

Amy’s Tea House: 104 – 2141 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse