Take-out visit: Lucky Stars

I’ve spoken on here before about judging restaurants by their facade. Lucky Stars is next to a gas station and the Kopper King, on the Alaska Highway near Takhini. 

On the outside, I had my doubts.


But I’m committed to this plan of trying every place in town, so I was game. Inside I found a nice little restaurant – not at all what I feared.


I was hoping to find their menu online, but no dice. It meant I had to go in, order, wait there and then drive home.

(Tip: If you have a take-out or delivery-based restaurant, having your menu online is super helpful. Hell, just grab a free blog site like this and throw the menu and your hours there. It doesn’t have to even be super accurate and you don’t have to have a social media presence – I’d rather you not if you never update it. I just think that when people are looking to grab some eats, they’ll opt for the easiest option.)

ANYWAYS, the first compliment of the day is that my food came out VERY quickly.

For a moment I wondered if it was too quickly, but I was hungry and that thought dissipated as I prematurely chowed down. I burned the roof of my mouth while eating a deep fried squid in the car having not even pulled out of the parking lot.

I ordered three dishes: the salt and spicy deep fried squid, a Szechuan chicken with cashew and a veggie chow mein. (They threw in complementary rice.)

The servings were massive – the above photos fail to show the size of the containers. But trust me, I got plenty of food.

The deep fried squid was nice and crispy, but the batter a little thicker than I prefer. Also would’ve liked a few more of the jalapenos served with them. But unlike the last time I ordered this dish, it was as expected.

The Szechuan chicken and cashews was listed on the menu as spicy. It wasn’t. (Truth be told, a lot of people I’ve met up here don’t like spicy food  – just have no tolerance at all, so maybe the restaurant just knows its target audience.) However, it had lots of cashews and lots of broccoli.

I think a good way of judging standard Chinese takeout is by the broccoli to celery ratio. I will eat celery in a dish, but it’s not what I’m paying for.

One of the broccoli in the dish did taste off. After a bite, I gave it to the dog – but everything else was fine so I figured it was just a bad stalk.

The chow mein was totally as expected. I know, you come here for in-depth analysis and I can’t think of anything to say despite having eaten this just a couple of days ago! It’s a no news is good news scenario.

In the box of food, I also got 6 (!!!) fortune cookies – which made me wonder how many people I was supposedly feeding. I also got sauce.


Yes, sauce.

It reminded me of mayo mixed with thousand island dressing. I tasted it but did not eat it. Was it to go with my squid?

I have no idea.

Likelihood of return visit: I thought I had my Chinese restaurant rankings sorted out, but maybe not. This was super fast, hot and large servings. Really, it comes down to what restaurant is closest to home (and which one has a menu online).

Recommended dish: Szechuan chicken with cashew (don’t expect it to be spicy)

Tripadvisor: Not listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

Lucky Stars Chinese Restaurant: 91888 Alaska HwyWhitehorse