Thanks for the mention, Food Network Canada

A few weeks ago, I was featured online as part of their Neighbourhood Eats segment. Nice for me, but also for a Whitehorse food blog to get a shout out!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.33.59 PM.png

Now to get on my soap box briefly – Before I moved here, I didn’t realize how ignored the North can often be in Canada.

Yes, the population is low and sparse and remote, but we still are here.

During the recent Federal election, there would often be polling released but rarely did it mention us up here. I don’t mean just the Yukon, but even the territories. Not even lumped into one bar on the graph.

(Okay, so I know even PEI has 100,000 more people then here, but I think recognizing our existence is sorely lacking among many Canadians.)

From relatively intelligent people I know down south, there are really ridiculous assumptions about the Yukon.

“It must be so cold.” – Have you been to Winnipeg? That’s colder.

“You could get attacked by a bear!” – Points to recent news about bears in the greater Vancouver area.

“Nothing grows there, right?” – *Looks outside at trees for days, wildflowers blanking the ground, berries hiding in the forest, and an herb garden.*

“Are there mountains?” – Just the biggest one in the whole damn country.

Even though I don’t know how long we’ll stay in the North, I’m really proud of this territory and incredibly happy to be here. I try my darnedest to get anyone up here to visit – spamming my Facebook friends every time Air North has a sale.

But why go to the Yukon when there are Mexican all-inclusives, golfing in Palm Springs and Hawaiian beaches? Well, we don’t have those things – I mean, we have golfing (and in Dawson you can do it all night long!) and we have plenty of sand (one might even call it a desert). But it’s a beautiful region to explore and (bringing it all back around) lots of nice restaurants to try.

So thank you Food Network Canada for including me, my town, my territory in your neighbourhood eats. Hopefully it sparked the interest of just one more person that we can share this stunning landscape with.