Eats at the Dawson City Music Festival

Even though this is my second summer in Whitehorse, I still haven’t made it to any of the local music festivals. (For shame!)

It’s not that I don’t consider it, I do! But last year we had made plans before looking into the music schedule. This year, my husband is at work for all of them and I’m on my own with the dog. Unfortunately, the festivals all say to leave your furry friend at home. Frankly, I do that enough during the week, so the weekend is for adventures with the little guy – especially after being gone for a few weeks just recently.

I don’t blame the festivals for this, it makes sense on their side of things! It just means we’ll have to wait until I make it to one.

Also, apologies that I didn’t cover the Atlin Music Festival or the Kluane Bluegrass Festival. Frankly, with the Dawson City Music Festival happening this weekend, I’m a bit late to the game.

In addition to the great restaurants in town (*winks at Klondike Kate’s and the Alchemy Cafe*), there are eight food/drink vendors at the festival this year.

Aloha Tacos – Had them last time I was in Dawson. Not sure why I never did a post but they were delicious and really fresh – perfect after several nights of camping in the backcountry. From DCMF: Dawson’s favourite taco stand will be returning for a second year, serving fresh tacos and sides made with local ingredients and lots of love.

Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters – You may have noticed on this blog that I don’t drink coffee but I have seen it around town? From DCMF: Stellar beverage team Leandra and Philippe will be returning for a third year to serve coffee, tea, and other hot beverages all the way from Atlin, BC.

The Gravy Train – I’ve started to see this food cart around town but haven’t had a chance to try it. It often shows up at special events. From DCMF: The Gravy Train, coming all the way from Marsh Lake, YT, will be selling poutine, hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, beverages, and more!

JP’s Coffee Cart – Not familiar with this one but I figure it is fairly self-explanatory. From DCMF: Come see JP’s Coffee Cart for coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, iced coffee, frappuccinos, muffins, cookies and waffles!

Naturally Northern Meats – I follow them on Facebook but admit that’s all I know. So… From DCMF: Farmer Sausage and Jalapeno & Cheese sausages on a bun with your choice of condiments: Sauerkraut, Mustard, Ketchup, + soft drinks

Poffertjes Please! – Hey, it’s one that I’ve actually reviewed on here. Yum. From DCMF:  Come see Gary and Carla, winners of the 2015 DCMF Green Award, for delicious steaming poffertjes, mini Dutch pancakes!

Kit’s Kitchen – New to me as well. From DCMF: Get ready for chicken kebobs, pork kebobs, chicken teriyaki with rice, spring rolls, and a whole lot more!

Vicky Dhillon Indian Food – So I’ve never actually done a review of Vicky’s food, but I can tell you I had a samosa with butter chicken sauce from the Thursday night Fireweed Market just this past week. My husband is a fiend for Indian, so he struggles to resist when we see her out and about. From DCMF: Returning for a second time, Whitehorse Quiznos franchise owner Vicky Dhillon will be serving wonderful Indian food, full meals and sides!

If you make it out to the Dawson Music Festival, let me know how the food was!

Dawson City Music Festival
July 22-24, 2016
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