Lunch Visit: Steele Street

My rate at hitting up Whitehorse restaurants has slowed significantly now that my list is dwindling. That’s not to say there aren’t good restaurants still out there, but something has usually prevented me from getting to them – usually proximity, but also reputation or horror stories.

Now I can’t say that Steele Street was far or had a bad (or horrific) story attached to it. Quite the opposite. It is centrally located – it’s just no one has ever said a word about it!

To me, Steele Street Restaurant and Lounge was hidden in plain sight. (Though inside the fairly notable Westmark Hotel)

But now that my list is pretty short, I’m well aware of what restaurants I still need to hit up.

I was there for a late lunch and took a booth by myself by the window knowing I needed some light for any food photos to turn out well.

The menu was fairly large with most of your standard fare.

Steele Street Menu(s)

I actually didn’t opt for something on the menu, but rather the daily special. It was turkey pot pie served with Greek salad.

The pie was probably a holdover from a recent trip to Australia. Meat pies are much more of a thing there than they are here – strange if you consider the weather.

The Greek salad is because it’s one of the best salads. I’m very particular about salad greens and the good thing about a good Greek Salad is.. no greens.


Alas, this one had greens.

What the photo fails to show it just the huge portion of salad. Think about it this way. That’s a quarter of a pie. No joke. Look at how small that fork is.

I ended up eating the pie and a bit of the salad. The leftover salad was enough for a meal (that I put some leftover grocery store rotisserie chicken on top of).

The highlight for me was the salad.

The pie was acceptable but my Aussie standards were to high.

The low point was the gravy. I will let the picture do the talking.


Likelihood of return visit: Honestly, there are a lot of places to eat downtown so this wouldn’t be tops of my list. But if I was staying in the Westmark, for sure I’d head down there for a meal. The serving was gigantic, so I’d share one thing for two

Recommended dish: Greek Salad

Tripadvisor: #30 of 74 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Steele Street Restaurant and Lounge in the Westmark Hotel: 201 Wood Street, Whitehorse