A month between posts?!

Between visits from friends and family, a close call with a concussion, a new job and hiking the Chilkoot, I guess I took a quick break from the blog!

But I wanted to say I’m still here(!!!) and have a few posts coming your way. The beer festival tickets now available, plus I visited The Dirty Northern (preview: Monday pizza great deal), Faladi’s falafels (preview: delicious) at the market, one night of the Yukon Culinary Festival and have been meaning to post about Riverside since the beginning of this site.

I won’t be doing a seasonal closure post like last year, but keep in mind that some of your favourites from the summer will soon be done for the year.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy lately and might write something personal about the challenges of clean eating. I should also talk about making all our own dehydrated meals for the Chilkoot trail, without having a dehydrator.

Stay tuned!