Dinner Visit: Dirty Northern

As I admitted in my last post, I have been quite busy as of late. Which is too bad, because I have actually tried a bunch of places recently and I’m afraid I’m forgetting things!

Let’s go back to August and revisit my visit.

Unlike most of my trips to local restaurants, I had a crew for this one.  There were five of us – so I got to see five different dishes.

The bad news is that we all ordered pizza.

Let me explain.

On Mondays, The Dirty Northern has half price pizza. Sure, we could’ve ordered other things but a pizza (that was bigger than I needed for a meal) for like $8, that’s a great deal!


(Side question: Should I tip on the original price of the pizza or after the discount? I threw down a $10 bill for my pizza.)

To be honest, I can’t remember who had what. There was a pizza with meat, another with salmon, a vegetarian person, another person and I had the one with Brussels Sprouts.

I liked the crust and the options of toppings. I could’ve used more toppings on my pizza, but another guest said theirs had too much – so it’s definitely a preference thing.

Overall it was good. The price was definitely right and my crust was really nicely done.

The other opinions were mixed. All said it was a good deal and would go again. Some other quotes: “The pizza was really salty. Hard to avoid with the capers, but still damn good pizza” and “Tons of crust, less so on toppings. It wasn’t bad by any stretch, definitely worth it on half price night.”

Likelihood of return visit: I love a good deal.

Recommended dish: Pizza

Tripadvisor: #9 of 72 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Dirty Northern: 103 Main Street, Whitehorse