Market Visit: Faladi Foods

I frequent the market almost weekly. But without fail, Faladi’s was there when I wasn’t hungry or needing a meal. And when I wanted me some falafel, he wasn’t there.

I’m afraid I gave him the idea that I didn’t want to try his food, that he was one of the remaining restaurants that I needed to try and wasn’t too keen on doing. I never intended on giving that impression. I like falafel! We served them at our wedding!

Anyways, in mid-August, I was at the market. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I knew it was now or never.

So I grabbed one. My sister-in-law got one too.

I put on everything they had for toppings. The whole damn thing was delicious.

Now I have to wait until next summer to have another. 😦

Likelihood of return visit: Great. Now I have to wait until next summer!!

Recommended dish: Falafel

Tripadvisor: #32 of 72 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Faladi Foods: Shipyard Park, Fireweed Market (seasonal)