EDIT: Not RIP: Panda Panda Noodle House

OH IT’S OPEN. You can read my sad obituary for it here, or you can just go get yourself some delicious noodle soup. Do it.


Edit (07/11/16): According to a commenter, it might not be dead. There is talk that the phone line is up and running again and the aim is for a late November re-opening.

We still don’t have official confirmation, but it looks like this is the darkest timeline.

I’ve called, tried messaging their facebook page, and nothing.

The restaurant had been closed for a few months, with a sign on the door promising renovations to end in a few weeks. It had been updated a few times, so I was hopeful that it would eventually re-open.

But those signs are now down and despite my best efforts to peek in, we may have come to the end of the line.

It comes as a bit of a surprise because the restaurant was always plenty busy. People seemed to like it and if you’re a follower of this blog or my twitter, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a fan.

I’d been jonesing so hard for some Panda Panda in recent weeks that upon news of its (still unconfirmed but likely) closure, I actually tried to do my own version of their braised beef noodle soup.

It was pretty damn good. I didn’t have any Chinese cooking wine, so I opted for a combo of cooking sherry and mirin. I also didn’t have Chinese pepper paste, but substituted in some Korean pepper paste and I think it did the job.

Next time I’d just cook it even longer than the recommended two hours, just to get my flank steak even more tender than it already was.

Side note: Sometime I’d like to talk about favourite cooking/recipe websites and cookbooks. Serious Eats (the provider of the above recipe) is my go-to, especially any recipes by J. Kenji López-Alt. While I hate the term “guru” – he’s my food guru and his The Food Lab is my reference bible.

Anyways, I miss you Panda Panda Noodle House. My husband misses you. And you’ve left a hole in the Whitehorse dining scene.