Dinner visit: Giorgio’s Cuccina

I visited Giorgio’s over a month ago but am only writing the post now because I deleted the photos I took of the visit. (Photo above from their website)

This isn’t a big deal in itself, but I also deleted photos from my Chilkoot Trail trip. Essentially I’ve got nothing from the Scales to Happy Camp. If you’ve done the hike, you know those are some of the most fascinating, memorable and challenging hours. And I’ve got nothing to show for it.

I kept hoping the photos would somehow be somewhere else. But I got rid of all of them and my phone last backed up two weeks before the trip and I’m just so sad about it.

Anyways, in that set of missing photos is a visit to Giorgio’s.

Usually I use the photos to remember what I had, but my memory is blanking on what we had.

What do I remember? This is brainstorming.. my apologies.

I know the three of us all had pasta. I had a cream sauce, the boys had tomato? It came with bread.

I know I took half of mine home and ate it for breakfast.

I know the service was really good.

I know that we paid with a gift certificate for $100 and it came to exactly $99.50.We tipped $20.

My husband and our friend had beer. I had a margarita.

We were there very early, like right at 5:00pm. The restaurant was pretty empty. As 6:00-6:30 rolled around, it got much busier.

I wonder if it will be the last time that we see our friend Mike. He was our first friend in Whitehorse. We miss him.

Anyways, I know it was good and it’s definitely on the list of places to take my folks when they are here in December.

Likelihood of return visit: Medium-high – I need to try something other than pasta.

Recommended dish: Pasta.

Tripadvisor: #8 of 71 Restaurants in Whitehorse

Giorgio’s Cuccina: 206 Jarvis St, Whitehorse

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