Dinner visit: The Cut Off

I live south of what people usually think of as the city, but technically, it’s still the city. We just don’t have water or sewage or neighbours that we can see.

Since moving out here, I definitely have been cooking more, as I weigh the idea of going into town for food vs. making something, even if I am feeling completely lazy.

And if I’ve been gone all day at work, I like to let the dog out as soon as possible, so that nixes staying in town for dinner.

But I guess there’s another option.

We’re not all that far from The Cut Off (named due to its view of the cutoff to Carcross). But because we’re north of it and never actually see it, it stays out of sight – out of mind.

We ended up there a few weeks ago after a friend invited us. She’s been spending more time out that way and so it seemed like a good option.

We met up on a Tuesday night. It was around 7:30 and while we weren’t the only table in the joint, it wasn’t slammed at that hour.

This is exciting – it’s not just a post about what *I* ate. Four people – four meals!

So what was on order…

Two sandwiches, the daily pulled pork special on mashed potatoes (which I’m told is now on the winter menu) and for yours truly.. a caesar salad (not pictured) and scotch egg.

The salad was probably the low point of the meal. It was fine, but had more dressing than I would’ve liked.

The high point? I’m a sucker for scotch eggs. I don’t know what it is about sausage wrapped eggs, but I am all in. I noticed afterwards that a spicy ketchup could have come on the side and I’d definitely opt for it next time.

My dinner companions seemed pleased with their meals. The thin cut fries were a nice option to the thicker ones you see most places in town.

Most of these items are on the winter menu, shown here. I think the one missing is a chicken sandwich? I didn’t try it so I don’t know if it will be missed!

That said, I do see a Toad ‘n the hole on the new menu – and I also can’t resist Yorkshire Pudding. I’m starting to think my partial British heritage is obvious.

The company, as always, was great. The service was exceptional. The food was enjoyable. The decor (which I wish I had photographed) was neat – lots of old Alaska Highway photos adorning the interior.

I have seen a few comments on Facebook and elsewhere complaining about the prices. We didn’t opt for anything over $20 so can’t speak to the price point.

Likelihood of return visit: Pretty likely as the closest restaurant to home now that Servers (old Susan’s Place) has closed after a brief existence.

Recommended dish: Scotch Egg

Tripadvisor: #63 of 71 Restaurants in Whitehorse

The Cutoff: Duncan Dr – where Hwy 1 meets Hwy 2