Lunch visit: The Ridge Pub

The rate of posts has decreased significantly as the number of restaurants has fallen as well. But fear not, I’ve got a few coming. (Including one from an event in September that got lost in the mix!)

I met a friend for lunch at the The Ridge Pub one Saturday.

It’s one of those places that is out of sight and thus, out of mind. But it gets a lot of good word of mouth reviews.

As you may have seen, I’m doing a “Best of Yukon” poll right now and it has a lot of fans.

Am I a fan?

Well the service was good (though we were one of two tables most of the time) and I could see it as a good place to watch a game.

But I think I mis-ordered.

My love of donairs has been well-documented here and here and here and here and even here when I show you how to make one from scratch!

So when I saw a donair quesadilla on the menu – I went for it.

I appreciate the effort of all things donair, but I have a few tips: Don’t put lettuce in something that’s getting grilled, serve it with donair sauce, and chunkier meat.

Unfortunately, what I was really wanting was a donair, so that’s my bad, Ridge Pub. I mean no malice with my words! The fries were good and my friend liked her salad.

Likelihood of return visit: I’m definitely game to give it another shot. My friends in that neighbourhood should invite us for a beer there sometime.

Recommended dish: TBD

Tripadvisor: #47 of 71 Restaurants in Whitehorse

The Ridge Pub: 81 Wilson Drive, Whitehorse