So overdue: Hops & Grub

I had a small role in helping organize the Royal Visit, so this event happened right in the midst of it all. Needless to say it was overshadowed by a couple of folks that were in the same complex a few days later.

We bought the tickets as a joint birthday dinner. Each of our birthdays are in September and this event was between the two.

One of the big names was Trevor Bird of Fable in Vancouver. A few years back we lived just a few blocks away from that restaurant. We were fans then and fans now.

SIDE NOTE: It’s so great that there are people in Whitehorse organizing these foodie events. If you want any help, please let me know! I want them to keep happening and I have event planning experience.

Anyways, once again, I have left this too long to offer specific thoughts on the meal.


I can tell you what was the most memorable:

Canape: Harvest shooter – I didn’t even get a picture I ate it so fast

Appetizer: Steam Bun – Is there anywhere in town where I can get a good steam bun?

Main: Salmon – It was so good that I googled up a storm trying to fine a slow cooked version online that would create this same texture. I failed. (Was it maybe sous vide?)

Dessert: Baked Alaska – was the only option. The serving was surprisingly huge after all the other eating we had done.

Hops & Grub happened September 24th, 2016 at the Coast High Country Inn convention centre. All the rounds were paired with beers from Yukon Brewing, but I failed to take note of them – unsurprisingly, I was there for the food. 😉

More info: Facebook Event