Lunch Visit: BBQ King

Once upon a time (like 1.5 years ago), there was a little Asian grocery store here in Whitehorse. It did not survive and the space sat empty for a while. Then a few weeks ago I noticed new signage on the building.

New restaurants are my favourite thing.

Especially since I’ve got little left to try.

Now, I was hoping for Korean-style BBQ. This is not that.

A lot of the menu is similar to what you’d find at other Chinese-style restaurants around town. However, there are some exceptions.

  1. Those ducks hanging in the display – roasted daily (*note* I did not try one or half of one or however they come and am kicking myself for getting a “safe” lunch special)
  2. Bubble tea – I didn’t try this either but FYI my go-to is mango milk tea with pearls.
  3. Bubble waffles – now my love of waffles is well-documented around here, I’ve never touched on the bubble waffle, but its light texture is appealing. I haven’t had one in years, since a visit to the Richmond Night Market.

So if I didn’t get any of those interesting things, what did I get? One of the lunch combos.

Chicken wings, chow mein and beef & broccoli.

It was all perfectly adequate. The chicken wings were the best, simple and super crispy. The broccoli was well sauced (as pictured) and not too overcooked. And while the noodles weren’t all that different from what you get at similar restaurants, it did have real noticeable pieces of chicken in it, not just tiny morsels.

Likelihood of return visit: I need me some bubble tea and waffles

Recommended dish: Chicken Wings

Tripadvisor: Not listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

BBQ King: 210 Ogilvie St, Whitehorse