Lunch visit: Extreme Pita

Another day, another new Whitehorse restaurant!

Great for me but I can’t help but think that not everything in town can survive. With each new one, I wonder what won’t survive.

For instance, I recently tried to go to Gr8tful Spud. Alas, RIP.

I hope that the constant turnover of restaurants in Whitehorse forces those who are here to produce the best products possible. I hate to see local businesses go under if they don’t need to.

But I digress!

We have Extreme Pita to discuss…

It’s been open about a week and I’ve been there twice. The first time was on my own and the second was to bring back something for my husband who was desperate for something not heavy after Christmas dinner (and subsequent leftover meals).

Should I start with the negative?

Too much lettuce in my Thai chicken wrap.  A few of the bites were just lettuce. And as someone who goes to Subway and orders “all vegetables except lettuce” on my sub.

A lot of people like lettuce, so this could definitely be a case of personal preference.

I mitigated this issue on visit two by ordering the chimichurri beef entree that didn’t have lettuce. 😉

See: Full menu

Unfortunately I only took photos the first time!

My husband got a Mediterranean vegetable wrap (he really wanted veggies). I asked him his thoughts, he said, “I liked it. It was a good sandwich. It was fresh.”

I preferred my entree to my wrap, but mostly based on the lettuce quantity – I really have something against lettuce!

I also tried their pita chips with tzaziki. I’m a sucker for pita chips. They always have so much crunch – and these didn’t disappoint.

Overall, I thought things were going pretty smoothly for their first week. I could see there were some growing pains, but both visits were efficient, the meals were fresh and the space looks great.

Likelihood of return visit: Most definitely – quick, healthy options are always appreciated.

Recommended dish: Chimichurri beef entree

Tripadvisor: Not listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

Extreme Pita: 4201 4 Ave, Whitehorse

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