Best of 2016

Welcome to 2017!

May it be joyous, prosperous and especially delicious!

So what’s this about a “Best of 2016”?

Last year, I just told you about my Yukon must eats of 2015. This year, I asked people to vote!

And vote you did! THANKS!

I’ve added some honourable mentions that weren’t top three in voting but tend to be from other places in Yukon other than Whitehorse. I think it’s important to recognize the whole territory, not just the big city! And the AYE choice (mine) is listed so you know where I stand!

Favourite restaurant:

  1. Panda Panda Noodle House
  2. Sanchez Cantina
  3. Antoinette’s

AYE Favourite: Panda Panda Noodle House – I swear I didn’t stack the vote!

Best special occasion restaurant:

  1. G&P Steakhouse
  2. The Wheelhouse
  3. Antoinette’s

AYE Favourite: Cafe Balzam

Best restaurant outside Whitehorse but within the greater Yukon area:

  1. Drunken Goat (Dawson)
  2. Starfire (Skagway)
  3. (TIE) The Wolf’s Den and The Cut Off (Both near the Carcross Cutoff)

AYE Favourite: Alchemy Cafe (Dawson)

Best breakfast:

  1. Burnt Toast
  2. 506 All Day Grill
  3. Legends at the Yukon Inn

AYE Favourite: 506 All Day Grill

Best Asian restaurant:

  1. Panda Panda Noodle House
  2. Pho 5 Star
  3. (TIE) Hue Oasis, Golden Sakura and North Dragon

AYE Favourite: Hue Oasis – Since I already recognized Panda Panda, I want to spread out the love.

Best pizza:

  1. Epic Pizza
  2. G&P Steakhouse
  3. Red Devil Pizza

AYE Favourite: Epic Pizza – But I was tempted, like so many voters, to give a nod to Bocelli’s. RIP.

Best place to grab a drink:

  1. (TIE) Woodcutters Blanket and The Dirty Northern
  2. The Ridge Pub
  3. Gold Pan Saloon in the Gold Rush Inn (I know, technically if there are two number ones, that means second place is actually third and there should be no third, but I like the Gold Pan Saloon, so I am using my executive decision powers here!)

Honourable mention: Bombay Peggy’s (Dawson)

AYE Favourite: Winterlong Brewery

Best coffee shop:

  1. Baked
  2. Midnight Sun
  3. Java Connection

Honourable mention and AYE Favourite: Caribou Crossing Coffee (Carcross)

“Best” fast food or chain restaurant:

  1. A&W
  2. Boston Pizza
  3. Earls

AYE Favourite: Boston Pizza

Best food truck, mobile restaurant, caterer or non-traditional restaurant:

  1. Garlic a Go-Go
  2. Alligators Grilled Cheese
  3. (TIE) Silver Bindi and Thai Box

Honourable mention: Aloha Tacos (Dawson)

AYE Favourite: Faladi’s Falafels

Feel free to share the results! Here are some fancy images to use too:

Note: I’ll admit, there were some issues with the poll – but as it was just a trial run this year, I’ll improve for 2017! Some categories that I wished I had: best local food product, best vegetarian, best deal, best dessert/baked goods, best grocery store, best new place and I wish I had more of your food stories. With so much negativity in the world, I want to hear about the memorable meals and experiences dealing with food.

As we start a new year and I approach the second anniversary of this blog, I think I’ll have to start taking it in a new direction. While there are still new restaurants popping up (I’ll talk about the Wintering Ground later this week), there are few and far between.

I think I will shift to more cooking-related items. As much as I like trying restaurants, I also love to cook. I’m probably an above-average home chef – but am not spectacular. I like recipes as inspiration not direction, few things are prepped in advance and my baking can be hit or miss. My husband is the opposite, with everything cut into neat pieces before he begins.

I was working over Christmas but still managed to make a buche de noel, xiao long bao, turkey dinner for two, and lots of experimentation with my new Instant Pot. Anyways, those are some potential topics moving forward!