Dinner visit: Wintering Ground

On a snowy winter night we set out for Wintering Ground cafe. Luckily for us, it’s just a short drive (like 2 minutes) from our home.

It’s in the clubhouse of the Meadow Lakes Golf Course – a neat way to use a space that probably doesn’t get many visits for 8 months of the year. It’s a nice space too. A log cabin-like design that reminds me of my grandparents’ old place on Baptiste Lake north of Edmonton.

The menu seems to change a little. What was on the board was somewhat different from what we saw on their facebook page.

I ordered the elk sausage pizza and my husband got the chicken, red cabbage and asparagus red curry noodles.

(Two women sitting near us got the cheese platter – don’t know if it was the classic or the vegan but the portion was decent in size.)

The pizza was actually half a small pizza served with salad, chips and salsa verde. It was actually a great way of doing it. I didn’t know that’s what I was getting but I am glad it’s what I got! In fact, my favourite thing from the dish? The salsa verde. Delicious!

It was also interesting to order a pizza and not know what any of the other toppings will be, but since I’m not picky (at all), I was happy with zucchini and olives and whatever else I can’t remember two weeks later!

Thai is one of my husband’s favourite cuisines. He makes curries at home frequently and sometimes even the pastes from scratch! Needless to say, he couldn’t avoid getting a curry.

It was well spiced and didn’t take it easy on the lemongrass, which was a nice surprise. Husband says: “They were good. Nice curry noodles.” (He’s a man of few words.)

The photo doesn’t do it justice but it’s all I’ve got! He devoured it instantly and I never got another good picture.

Overall it’s definitely worth a try. Currently it’s just there for a limited time only – until April I believe. But maybe something can be worked out with the golf course. Would love to sit out on the patio with some cheese in the summer sun.

Likelihood of return visit: Stay open past April and I’ll guarantee it

Recommended dish: Salsa verde

Tripadvisor: Not listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

Wintering Ground: 18 Alusru, Whitehorse