Visit? Wayfarer Oyster Bar

It’s not that I visited Wayfarer Oyster Bar, it’s that it visits other places. I’m writing about it now having experienced it twice:

A. Catered function for work Christmas party

B. Oysters apres-ski at Winterlong Brewery

I need to start off by saying I’m not a huge oyster person. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered them. But if they are free, I’ll eat them.

But I know there are people who love them and so I hope they might jump in to the comments to say how great they are!

So let’s start with the catering. My apologies about the photos, it was dark in the Birch and Bear (because it was after 4pm in December) where this was being held. I didn’t stay particularly long… but long enough to try everything. Of course.

I thought there was a good mix of options – the flatbread pizza/bruschetta thing sticks out as being memorable (even though it was simple). There was pork belly that was delicious but in awkwardly large portions for finger food. I didn’t like the pomegranate seeds on the eggplant – I think it was just a jarring texture difference. I can’t speak to the cooking, but the cake was decadent. I opted for the smallest piece I could find but it still put me over the top!

As for the apres-ski oysters, what a great idea! I’d like to see some of the other food-cart, mobile restaurant options in town pair with Winterlong in the summer too.

Apparently my oyster preference is East Coast, instead of West Coast. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been fussed on them before, as mostly I was having WC ones. That said, it’s weird to eat something fresh from SO FAR AWAY.

My husband ordered us a few as we had a beer one afternoon at our local watering hole. They were pretty good? (I’d say that’s a glowing review!)


Overall, if someone else is paying for oysters, I’ll eat them. These seemed like decent ones.

Hope to keep seeing these guys around, especially if other people are there to buy me food.

Find out more about them (and where they will be next!): Website / Facebook / Twitter