Lunch visit: Kaiten Sushi

How much sushi can one town have? I think that’s the question Whitehorse is trying to answer.

With the arrival of Kaiten Sushi in the old Chop Suey (RIP) and another sushi restaurant in the old space of the Gr8ful Spud (RIP), we now have seven sushi restaurants in Whitehorse. (And if you include the sushi counter in Superstore, that’s eight.)

And I don’t want this to be a slag on the business owners that are trying their best to make it work in our small town.

7 does seem like a lot for our 28,000 people. That’s a sushi restaurant for every 4,000 people.

I did the same calculation with the greater Vancouver area. Guess what.. it’s about the same number. I kid you not! One sushi restaurant for every 4,100 people!

I like sushi.  I’m glad there is plenty here. But part of me hopes the next new restaurant mixes it up.

And I’m glad Kaiten has taken a bit of a different run at the game. It’s Whitehorse’s first conveyor belt sushi!

I’ve actually been twice since it opened, once on my own in the first week and later with a colleague who I’ve been meaning to lunch with for quite some time.

(The photos are from the first visit.)

Going into my visits, I had some issues with conveyor belt sushi. One is that you don’t necessarily know the freshness of things on the belt. The other concern is that the novelty can sometimes affect the price.


In my two visits, I can say that neither of these issues were a concern at Kaiten.

It was busy enough that the sushi chef was constantly adding to the conveyor belt. He also took requests if there were certain things we wanted to have. PLUS! When the group ahead of us on the line kept scooping up all the goods before they got to us, he came by and hand-delivered what we wanted.

As for the price, it was actually pretty reasonable (and maybe more then reasonable as they had a 20% off grand opening deal). As well, because the conveyor belt options lined up with menu prices, it meant I didn’t have to get a full roll for $8, but I could get two different half rolls for the same price. Variety!

I ordered a tako sunomono off the menu as well, it was fine but not a highlight.

Likelihood of return visit: High. The novelty of the conveyor belt meant that I didn’t just order the exact same things as I usually do.

Recommended dish: Spicy tuna roll

Tripadvisor: Not listed in Restaurants in Whitehorse

Kaiten Sushi – 314 Ray Street, Whitehorse – in the Family Hotel


Side note: Did anyone else notice the peculiar marketing campaign for this restaurant?