Great Find: One Stop Pierogi Shop

I’m used to the spelling “perogy” which I realize is an anglicized version, but I hope you’ll forgive me and allow me to use it in this post. (Otherwise I’ll probably have 14 different perogy spellings by the end of this post.)

If you didn’t know, I’m originally from Edmonton – born and raised. My elementary school had a Ukrainian language program. You could get perogies at an Oilers game at the ol’ Rexall/Skyreach/Northlands. I used to get perogies from an old lady who would sell them in the middle of Capilano Mall (which I hear is not really a mall any longer, RIP). I have tried, with varying levels of success, to make perogies.

I have grown up with perogies.

So when I heard that someone in town was making fresh perogies, I jumped on it and ordered some. I wasn’t alone.

In the first six hours of announcing on Facebook that her home commercial kitchen was up and running, Bobbi received hundreds of orders.

Apparently this was something Whitehorse could really go for! (Insert joke here about another sushi restaurant.)

I ordered four dozen: opting for standard cheddar potato, roasted garlic and bacon, pizza and spanakopita.

Menu (via Facebook):


So far I’ve tried all but the cheddar and potato – it seems so boring compared to the others! Watch me prefer it in the end. 😉

Anyways, they were all delightful. Thin pastry and full of delicious ingredients that you can actually see and taste. My husband preferred the spanakopita ones and I might have been partial to the pizza-rogies. Though I think that might be due to having such a thing in my childhood and never since… they were a walk down memory lane.

I think Bobbi has finally got through the backlog, so I can’t encourage you enough to check it out.

I think it’s safe to say these are the best pierogi in town.

One Stop Pierogi Shop