All Yukon Eat – Best of 2017 winners

Thanks for all your votes! The poll closed after 100 votes because I’m too cheap to pay for a Survey Monkey account. 

Within your responses, 150 food and drink companies were mentioned! And that doesn’t include all your smart-ass answers about how there’s no good sushi in Whitehorse or how the best sandwich is made at home.

(Now, I don’t doubt you make a great sandwich. So do I. But I’m hoping to recognize the good in our community!)

Anyways, let’s stop with the preamble and get to the results:

Favourite restaurant

1. Panda Panda Noodle House
2. Sanchez Cantina
3. Wolf’s Den

Special Occasion

1. G&P
2. Giorgio’s
3. Antoinette’s

Outside Whitehorse

1. Starfire (Skagway)
2. Drunken Goat (Dawson)
3. Skagway Brewing


1. Burnt Toast
2. Legends in the Yukon Inn
3. 506 All Day Grill


1. Asahiya
2. Golden Sakura
3. Tokyo Sushi


1. Panda Panda
2. Green Garden
3. Hue Oasis
(tie) Lucky Star
(tie) North Dragon


1. Epic Pizza
2. G&P
3. Dirty Northern

Editor’s mention: Joe’s Pizza in Dawson came 4th and has RAVE reviews – can’t wait to check it out.

Grab an alcoholic drink

1. Woodcutter’s Blanket
2. Dirty Northern
3. Bombay Peggy’s

Grab a hot drink

1. Baked
2. Midnight Sun
3. Java Connection

Fast Food/Chain

1. A&W
2. Boston Pizza
3. Earls

Food Truck

1. Garlic a Go Go
2. Lulu’s
3. Daat Indian Cuisine


1. Birch and Bear
2. Burnt Toast
3. Cafe Balzam


1. The Deli
2. Stacey’s
3. Off the Hook


1. Panda Panda
2. Burnt Toast
3. The Claim
(tie) Sanchez Cantina

Pub grub

1. The Ridge
2. Whisky Jacks
3. Kopper King


1. Wandering Bison
2. Wayfarer Oyster Bar
3. The Claim


1. Airport Chalet
2. Earls
3. The Cutoff


1. Java Connection
2. The Deli
3. Big Bear Donair

Cheap Eats

1. McDonalds
2. Pho 5 Star
3. Tags

The last question I asked was open-ended. What is the most memorable meal you’ve had in Yukon? I made a word cloud that does a good job of showing what Yukon food is all about!

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.09.57 PM