I noticed Off the Hook Meat Works soon after arriving to Whitehorse. One day I even planned to go visit it.


So I couldn’t technically put this under “visit” because I didn’t visit Braeburn Lodge. In fact, I didn’t even know I was getting a gigantic cinnamon bun was coming my way!

I’ve been a little sad lately because I had to give back the dog I’ve been taking care of for the last 9 months. He’s turned up in a couple of blog posts over that time.

The plan was to take my dad to the hot springs and then go home for whatever meal we could make out of the fridge. We had dined out the night before and economically, I don’t like to do that two nights in a row.

But my dad insisted that he buy us a meal, as we had paid (by gift certificate) for the meal the day before.

And so, we thought – why not Café Balzam? It was on my list to try and we were already out there…