I frequent the market almost weekly. But without fail, Faladi’s was there when I wasn’t hungry or needing a meal. And when I wanted me some falafel, he wasn’t there.



I gave you some warning before the seasonal Whitehorse food establishments (restaurants, markets, stores, food trucks) closed for the winter. So it only makes sense that you can start to salivate over what’s to come! (Now including Dawson City)

I’ve been to The Hue Oasis in the Skky Hotel a few times and I only expect that frequency to increase now that it is one of the closest restaurants to our home south of the city. It’s a favourite due to their Korean offerings – Bi Bim Bap is such comfort food for me.

The reason for a re-visit is that they’ve expanded their menu and two people I know recommended that I give it a try.

The addition, as you can tell by the picture above, is sushi.

The plan was to take my dad to the hot springs and then go home for whatever meal we could make out of the fridge. We had dined out the night before and economically, I don’t like to do that two nights in a row.

But my dad insisted that he buy us a meal, as we had paid (by gift certificate) for the meal the day before.

And so, we thought – why not Café Balzam? It was on my list to try and we were already out there…